Nothing In Common

September 27, art-space “Kvartira 57” — new exhibition of UPHA’s (Ukrainian Photographic Alternative) participants: Roman Minin, Marina Frolova and Yaroslav Tymchishin curated by Yaroslav Solop and Ekaterina Radchenko.

Authors of the project about the exhibition:

Today is time of clichés, simulacras and quotes. The individuality becomes blurred, in art as well, especially in an accessible art like photography. Ukraine, having no strong photographic traditions, is a fertile soil for the expression of this phenomena. In the prevailing atmosphere of pessimism and skepticism persist bright creative individualities.
Instead of increasing number of unconstructive comments, we take the function to show an interesting look at the world — both internal and external — that exists, regardless of rather unfavorable discourse. There is nothing in common between presented artists but one, special look implemented through photography

Choosing photographers, we have tried to move away from assertion and actuality, and focused on the world, which is expressed through the prism of the own ideas, twisted by personal experience and imagination, unique and bright, full of implications and reflections.

With the assistance of “New aesthetic of Ukrainian photos”, UPHA, Mbition Art Project Studio and Olympus
September 27 – October 14, 2012

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