“Games of Libido” is a farewell to youth

“Games of Libido” is a salad made of photographs smacking of paradise, the salad which evokes a fancy world of metamorphic mysteries. The carnival insolence of youth which is slipping away is frank and shameless. The author exhumes recollections turning them into both pleasure and pain, due to which photography has turned into medium connecting the material and the spiritual world.
These photographs are blocks of ice drifting across the black river and under the black skies. In them, memories of the good old “porno-bodies” and “porno-love” are reflected. They have cracked, burst and now they feel sad…
“Games of Libido” is a kind of artistic rite, though the state of this game is a kind of “love-hate”, or ambivalent, itself.
Roman Pyatkovka never thought that photography will become sense of his life. Having worked at a dramatic theatre for 8 years, he suddenly leaves it and is seriously carried away by “photo-art”. Boris Mikhailov, one of the most prominent photo-painters of the world (also the laureate of the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography) became his teacher and tutor.

Roman held more than 30 collective and personal photo-exhibitions. His well-known projects are: “Golodomor. Phantoms of 30 years”, “I come from the childhood”, “Games of Libido”, “Wrong picture” and they are now displayed in the Museum of Photography Collections (Russia, Moscow), The National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA) (Russia, Moscow), Museum Ken Damy (Italy, Bresha), Museum of Contemporary Photography ( USA, Chicago).
“In the art of photography, as in any other art, self-analysis, self-deepening, spiritual exhibitionism and creating the dramatic concept of your own sensations are important”, asserts Roman Pyatkovka.


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